Unlimited Account


If you open this account, your direct downline can exceed 5 members, which means that you are a network comprising of unlimited networks, as well receiving unlimited income. Example: an unlimited iCharity account that referred up to 1,000 direct downline in grade 1 will receive 6 million naira income, while the regular iCharity account can only refer 5 direct downline in grade 1 and receive 30,000 Naira income.


*Apply for Unlimited iCharity Account and upgrade it to Grade 5 (unlimited grade) which will cost you 138,000 Naira
Call 08180871780 to promote this account for unlimited referrals which will cost you 160,000 Naira.

If your iCharity account is unlimited, all your referral will be your direct downline. Your direct downline is no longer limited to 5 members, it will be unlimited. Your income also will be unlimited too.

Click here to apply for UNLIMITED iCharity Account